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The definition of the digital patient pathway

Definition Health delivers you the model of end-to-end healthcare for the new digital world, with a unique combination of apps to allow you maximum flexibility in communication and support for your patients, wherever they are.

Your solution for
digital healthcare

Digital transformation

Experts in the implementation of digital health systems – focusing on people and processes beyond the technology.

Secure Virtual Clinic

Secure ‘end-to-end’ information exchange, live patient consultations and complete follow-up forum – ensuring a ‘start to finish’ approach to patient care.

Video consultation

Practitioner-to-patient video appointments for remote ‘face to face’ connection and communication.

LifeBox EPOA

Comprehensive digital health assessment for patients at home, awaiting surgery. LifeBox provides clinically-proven software and industry-standard integration solutions for hospitals and clinics.

Discharge planning
and recovery

Digital planning and implementation of patient recovery process.

Patient-held record

Digital, portable, patient-held data, enhancing streamlined communication between patients and their doctors.

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Enhancing your
heathcare system

Definition Health enables your healthcare system to inspire, transform and thrive.


With our unique Lifebox application system, ensuring your healthcare team realise it's operational potential.


The patient journey is re-shaped and managed, with a total redefinition of personalised patient care for the digital era.


Our healthcare system will free-up your teams to provide modern, essential patient support - agile in its operation, seamless in function and surpassing the ever-increasing expectations of operational care.

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