Benefits of LifeBox

LifeBox is based on thorough user research with patients, consultants, nurses, and hospital administrators.

LifeBox standardises and optimises patient-supplied information prior to surgery to improve surgical outcomes and radically transform hospital efficiencies while reducing costs.


LifeBox provides convenience and comfort by enabling the health assessment to be completed at a convenient time and place, outside of the hospital setting if preferred. The patient owns the data and becomes more involved in their return to health, improving patient satisfaction.

Nurses and Matron

The clinical pre-operative assessment ensures the acquisition of high level, standardised essential pre-operative health information. The matron has the reassurance that all patients will receive a consistently high level of care and potential risks are identified early.

Anaesthetists and Surgeons

24/7 access allows the consultant team to easily assess the health details their patients and interact where necessary.

Hospital Manager

A happy and informed patient, nursing staff and doctors leads to a better clinical outcome, fewer complaints and fewer cancellations.

LifeBox app benefits the patient and clinical team

The thorough health assessment, communicated through to the hospital team in a user-friendly and intuitive process ensures peace of mind for the patient.

The hospital team benefit from a consistently high standard of patient information acquisition which can be used to plan the safe care of the patient.


The pre-operative information is in one place, directly accessible by the patients own hospital team and with reassurance of a high level of clinical care.


LifeBox captures accurate clinical information, enabling direction of skilled staff to those patients most in need, to optimise safety.


The health assessment enables accurate coding to be applied and therefore appropriate re-imbursement for the hospital procedure.

Cost saving

Reduced paper, reduced repeat uncoordinated hospital visits, reduced cancellations.


Completely paperless from end to end and can be used to transform other hospital processes.


Embedded GDPR compliant data privacy and a highly secure and consent-driven channel for patient/clinician communications.