Built on experience

LifeBox is designed by doctors for their patients.

LifeBox is based on decades of observations, experience underpinned by clinical knowledge. When we looked at large groups of patients undergoing hospital procedures, we could identify a real need for improving the consistency of patient health assessment care.

The current system can be disjointed and inefficient for both the hospital and the patient. It is clear that the existing paper heavy process that occurs throughout the UK is no longer fit for purpose in a modern digital age. This outdated method is also not in keeping with the NHS vision of a digital and paperless NHS by 2020. We wanted to find a way to elevate standards and, whilst efficiently refocusing often limited hospital resources and pre-assessment staff time, to identify patients’ individual needs early on in their journey. This way, the patients with underlying health problems, could be identified earlier and benefit more from face to face time and investigations.

We understand the benefit to patients when they have more ownership and understanding of their own health. Lifebox was created to be patient centred, to improve patient engagement in their own health. The ultimate aim aligned with that of all doctors- to improve hospital care and overall health. The design of this patient centred health assessment meant that many patients could undergo their hospital assessment away from the hospital. Being able to complete it in their own homes, not only reducing stress, but also facilitating the engagement of close family and friends in the process, whilst limiting unneeded timely hospital visits. As well as the health assessment aiding a thorough clinical health check, we have improved patient information by converting it into audio visual media. This information is essential to surgical consent and has quite rightly gained increasing focus by patients, hospitals and the legal systems.

LifeBox - the team

Sandeep Chauhan CEO

One of the founders of LifeBox he is passionate about patient empowerment. An NHS Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon for the last 15 years with a busy practice based in Sussex.

Sandeep has extensive managerial experience in the NHS. He was a founder of the Montefiore Hospital, a £45m project designed to build a new private hospital in Brighton. The Hospital opened in 2013 and is a CQC rated outstanding hospital. Sandeep has worked with a US Orthopaedic manufacturer for the last 15 years in developing future technologies including pioneering the use of computers in surgery.

Dr Rosie Scott Medical Director

Dr Scott is the Medical Director of LifeBox. She is a practising NHS Consultant Radiologist and is based in Sussex. Dr Scott co-ordinates a group of anaesthetists, surgeons and nurses on the clinical review group of LifeBox.

Nik Askarof CFO

Nik is a former President of the South Eastern Society of Chartered Accountants, past Chairman of both Business Link Sussex and Sussex Enterprise (the Chamber of Commerce for Sussex) and has chaired the South East Proof of Concept Fund and the innovation and growth team. Nick founded EMC corporate finance consultancy business and holds board positions with six companies. His sector experience covers healthcare, media and marketing, food, electronics and retail as well as having a passion for UK manufacturing. Nik qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1980.