How LifeBox works

LifeBox takes health assessment patient centred care to a new level.

An initial assessment created by surgeons and anaesthetists gathering as much health information as possible from patients prior to their hospital procedure.


Created by hospital consultants to guide each patient carefully through your health via your own handheld device, laptop or home computer.

Expert clinical

Devised using specialist knowledge of regulatory body guidelines, hospital protocols and best practice standards, to provide optimal and safe conditions for surgery.

Patient friendly

Videos provide clear and friendly information and advice about individual operation and care.


Information ensures the patient can be empowered with the details of the hospital visit. Being actively engaged as a patient contributes greatly towards a positive health outcome.

Lifebox for you, your patients and your clinical team

Lifebox optimises and standardises patient supplied information prior to a hospital procedure. This clinically driven digital process enables improvement in standards of care for the patient. It also reduces surgery cancellations and improves surgical outcomes. Hospital efficiencis are improved and costs for care reduced.


Detailed automatic triage using clinically devised health questionnaire.


Clinicians can access their patients assessment, actively interact and ensure advanced preparation for their patient's hospital visit.


Detailed patient pre-operative assessment allows early identification of higher risk patients and prompts appropriate actions.

Cost saving

This process demonstrates reduction in surgery cancellation due to advanced pre-assessment and risk reduction.


The IT behind LifeBox supports multiple devices and browsers.

IT integration

The IT platform can be integrated into existing digital systems.