LifeBox in action

Improving the quality and consistency of assessment to enhance patient fitness.

LifeBox allows hospital staff to review the patient responses in real time. It allows a triage process to occur so that those patients who are fit for surgery, and are happy with their virtual education, are just scheduled for surgery; whilst those patients with underlying medical issues can either have a telephone or face-to-face review.

The client:

Private hospital

Over 6000 procedures are undertaken every year

All surgical procedures

Oncology and radiology intervention

The challenge:

Increased numbers of patients requiring assessment before procedures

Improve consistency of pre-assessment

Reduce surgery cancellations

Improve recovery of patients

Reduce length of stays


The existing pre-assessment process used a traditional two step method of an initial early health screening form, followed by a more detailed health questionnaire.

The entire process was paper-based, and involved a number of manual activities from generating/printing the documentation, distribution and collation.

The administration of these documents was time-consuming for both patients and staff. In addition, patients need to be given separate information, typically a leaflet, about their procedure.

What happened?

The hospital introduced the LifeBox tool in 2018 providing an online process for patients to provide their health information and also to access videos related to their upcoming procedure.

92% of the patient episodes were completed remotely from the comfort of the patient's home and the associated satisfaction scores are high.

For the hospital it has provided access to patient responses as soon as they have completed the assessment(s).

This supports a triage process allowing patients that are fit for surgery, and who are informed (due to the videos) about their procedure to be scheduled for surgery with minimal intervention.

The patients with underlying medical issues are assessed more efficiently via telephone or face to face review.

The proven benefits


40% reduction in face-to-face assessments


High patient satisfaction scores

Cost saving

Significant cost saving for the hospital of over £150000

Hospital Matron

"It’s so well designed and it’s child’s play to use".

Hospital Patient

"It’s so much better than the old system - I felt so comfortable doing my assessment at home and had so much more information. I was well prepared and felt much calmer".

Hospital Anaesthetist

"The consistency and comprehensive assessments are impressive but it's the first system I have ever seen that conditions patients for consent and anaesthesia".