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LifeBox is a smart ePOA and health record system which supports pre-surgical patient assessment, hospital decision-making and treatment

The LifeBox app guides patients intuitively through an online digital assessment process that supports automated triage at their hospital.

LifeBox supports and enhances the quality and consistency of decision-making providing:

  • automated clinical assessment based on regulatory guidelines
  • early risk stratification
  • time-saving and cost efficient reduction in patient and hospital admission visits and theatre cancellations

Throughout the process, the patient builds a digital profile for a secure health record.

An application – workable on phone, tablet and computer – that intuitively guides the patient through their entire hospital journey.

Colour-rich with a contemporary interface it makes data inputting simple and stress-free, allowing patients to undertake their pre-hospital assessment at a time and place convenient to them.

LifeBox – for the hospital and the patient

The smart health assessment is completed by patients in their own time. This data, sent securely to hospital staff, allows for early triage and risk stratification to streamline workflows.

In this way, there is prioritisation of patients' operative care, facilities and staff.

Throughout the process, nurses and doctors will be able to review the digital health responses and make sure they can identify any concerns before hospital admission so that safety is optimised.

LifeBox provides a platform for interactions with a clinician that are focused on ensuring the patient is ready for their hospital procedure. Through use of educational videos, a patient is fully informed about their upcoming hospital visit and procedure.

Managing Director, South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre

"I wanted to streamline the patient experience. To stop them coming into hospital unnecessarily, we had to think more efficently. I found a note about LifeBox in my in-tray and it was as if by magic here was the answer."