Patient centred digital health pre-assessment

Guiding patients through their hospital journey

LifeBox is a personalised and clinically proven software developed in collaboration between experienced hospital doctors and information technology experts.

LifeBox software provides:

Intuitively guides patients through their hospital journey

Utilises automated clinical assessment based on regulatory standards

Enhances quality of patient care

Supports consistency within clinical decision making

Superior standards and efficiency compared to more traditional paper based systems

LifeBox takes health assessment care to it's highest level


patients and professionals through a unique 'automated triage' process by eliminating 'tick box' online forms.


patients' attention through a colourful and contemporary multi-media interface designed to inform, educate and make patients feel at ease.


patients by presenting and retaining data relating to their clinical episodes wherever and whenever they occur.


healthcare professionals to direct their attention to patients that have the greatest need and benefit the most.