What LifeBox does

LifeBox standardises and optimises patient supplied information prior to surgery.

The service provided by LifeBox has been developed using the clinical experience of medical experts coupled with the technical expertise of digital innovators.

Each patient will be guided carefully through preliminary health assessments and audio-visual patient information and will also be given the opportunity to provide feedback.

Performed via a browser on a phone, tablet or computer enabling this pre-assessment to be carried out at the time and in a place most convenient and comfortable for each patient. This flexibility in choice of time and place for health assessment completion, helps each patient to be in the best possible condition (physically and emotionally) prior to coming to the hospital.

LifeBox works for you

Your essential health information can be communicated to your hospital team at a time and place to suit you.

The Lifebox App carefully guides you through this health-assessment to make sure you are in the best possible place physically and emotionally for your procedure.

Woman with iPad

Throughout the process, nurses and doctors will be able to review the digital health responses and make sure they can identify any concerns before the hospital admission so that safety is optimised and to facilitate the best outcome possible.

Any unnecessary appointments can be avoided. LifeBox provides a setting so that, your interactions with a clinician will be more focused and centred on making sure you are ready for your procedure.

And for the hospital

The health assessment incorporates automated triage techniques to receive and manage important health information about the patient.

This streamlined process allows thorough and efficient communication of vital health information.