Why LifeBox works

Ensuring patients are well prepared for hospital admission.

The primary purpose of LifeBox is to ensure all patients are well prepared prior to hospital admission.


LifeBox allows the patient to undertake pre-hospital assessments in a convenient time and place to alleviate any emotional impact of a hospital visit while still acquiring advanced level of health information.


The pre-hospital clinical assessment process is further enhanced with informative audio-visual components.

patient care

Throughout this innovative care pathway the clinical team are able to understand and efficiently optimise the health of every patient in an individualised way.

Best patient

The combination of an intuitive user interface to this enhanced clinical pre-assessment assists your clinical team in delivering an exemplary level of care and safety, and ultimately the best possible outcome.

Where we are now

Every year twelve million patients are admitted to hospital for surgery in the UK and require a pre-assessment that is used to determine their current health and suitability for surgery.

There is a varying level of quality and consistency within the pre-assessment process. Unfortunately this can lead to cancelled procedures and even legal costs regarding settlements due to failures in how patients have been informed about their procedure or how they provided consent.

Costs to the NHS:

£35-£72 per patient pre-assessment

£1.4m cancelled procedures

£30m in legal costs

Benefits to the entire hospital team

Using LifeBox a hospital can optimise and standardise patient-supplied information prior to any procedure, in turn improving surgical outcomes and radically transforming hospital efficiencies while at the same time reducing costs.


Can be used wherever the patient feels comfortable, such as at home.

Time saving

Minimises admin-visits to the hospital.


Inputs pre-op information into a unique, automated triage programme.


Eliminates form filling and box-ticking.


Empowers patients by allowing access to their clinical situation anywhere/time.


Increases level of understanding of the surgery they are facing.